Corporate Governance Workshops

In the last decade alone, we have all witnessed the unexpected collapses of many major organisations, the near collapse of the international banking system, excessive public spending on the scale that has almost bankrupt leading sovereign nations and numerous examples of bribery, corruption and expense abuse that we should only expect from seasoned criminals.

Surprisingly most of the organisations and governments involved also spent heavily on corporate governance processes that appear to have been used to support their bad decision making, employing expensive staff, audit firms, consultants, lawyers, economists and security advisers.  Even more surprisingly, many of the same executives and advisers continue to be employed at the highest levels.

Clearly, traditional governance, risk management and control processes alone, have been proved to be ineffective, easily bypassed by those seeking financial benefit from “stretching or breaching ” ethical, professional and defined codes of conduct.

These workshops will help you reassess whether your organisations
governance processes and systems are comprehensive and cost effective :

>   What shareholders and investors should expect from management and auditors
>   The scope of corporate governance policies and procedures
>   Employment contracts, objectives, bonuses and remuneration
>   Minimising the risk of bribery and corruption
>   Managing potential conflicts of interest
>   Minimising corporate crime including fraud, theft and misrepresentation
>   Protecting electronically held information
>   Business and financial controls
>   Managing auditors, bankers, consultants and advisers
>   The bribery act

Who will benefit

These workshops are aimed at aspiring executives, non executives and professionals responsible for managing governance processes . It is applicable to both private and public sector.

What can you gain

As a minimum, attendees will be reminded of legislation, the scope, techniques and systems used in governing organisations. At most, they may discover new ways to enhance their organisations approach to governance or ways to substantially reduce governance related costs.


Workshop 1Executive Overview (An executives guide to good governance in one day)

Workshop 2 – Implementing An Effective Whistleblowing Policy and Process (How to do it)

Workshop 3The Bribery Act And How To Comply (How to do it)

Workshop 4Executive and Management Employment Contracts (Be aware of the law)

Workshop 5 – Managing Potetial Conflicts of Interests of Employees and Advisors (How to do it)

Workshop 6 – Corporate Security (Physical and Information) (Here from the experts)

Workshop 7 – Strategic Budgeting (Maximising Shareholder Returns)

Click on the workshop of your choice for full details and to book.  To book the entire series, or place several attendees on a course will entitle the booking organisation to a discount.  For more information on the courses and discounts contact