Clinical Commissioning

IntegratingBMAT processes, systems and people focus on optimising healthcare services and the value gained from suppliers. Currently, BMAT manages commissioning processes for specialist national NHS services, processing over 300,000 treatments each year across 50 clinics. Our systems provide total integration from the point of specifying patient needs through to the procurement and delivery of their treatments.

> Our Medical System.  Implemented in over 50 NHS clinics, collects detailed information on all treatments and products supplied to patients and the reasons why. This information is instantly available to central commissioning teams allowing them to monitor expenditure against budgets and perform the required commissioning and purchasing activities. To find out more click here..

> Our ERP System.  Tightly integrated with Our Clinical System, our ERP System carries out the purchasing and financial processes, necessary to ensure excellent financial control, accountability and governance.

> Our Customer Service Team.  Liaises with all stakeholders in the commissioning and purchasing process making sure that treatments reach the patients on time and financial controls are adhered to.

> Our Purchasing Specialists.  Work closely with suppliers to ensure that their products and services are provided to the right quality, on time and at competitive prices.

> Our Logistics Specialists.  Coordinate customer, suppliers to logistic companies, ensuring products are shipped on time and at the most competitive price.

> Our Reporting Systems.  When Our Medical System is used we can provide detailed information on the cost of treatments, episodes of care by patient as well as supplier performance.

      BMAT has many years of experience in the implementation of commissioning, purchasing and logistics.

      Over the past decade we have assisted 20 Trusts in providing total clinical and commissioning solutions. At Leicester we assisted in establishing a directly commissioned rehabilitation service.
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