Service Optimisation

BMAT_ServicesBMAT systems, services and professionals focus on optimising healthcare services and efficiency. Working with clinicians and administrators in 15+ NHS Trusts, our professionals have become attuned to what they need to provide, effective, reliable and efficient services.

> Our Medical System. OMS has been easily implemented in over 20 NHS Trusts at a relatively low cost and is now processing over 300 thousand treatments each year. The systems manage patient information, plan appointments, maintain patient notes, prescribe treatments, order treatments, account for the clinical transactions and drive the logistics and resourcing processes. To find out more click here..

> Governance Systems. BMAT provides a range of governance applications that can optimise organisation’s processes, minimising risks and liabilities. They have been so effective and now they are used by several leading UK organisations.   To find out more click here..

> Service Optimisation Programmes. With the UK Department of Heath seeking £20 billion of savings across the NHS, many hospitals are carrying out extensive studies to identify, prioritise and implement change. BMAT’s Optimiser methodology and systems will help them undertake such studies, prioritise services levels and monitor changes.  To find out more click here,.

> Project Management and Resources. Our professionals have played key roles in delivering many  projects as project managers and in other management and technology roles, implementing financial, ERP and PAS systems.  To find out more click here,.