Third Party Claims Management

The desire of individuals claims against healthcare organisations for damages is increasing. Often such claims can be exaggerated and possibly fraudulent. Unfortunately, the cost of processing, managing and settling claims is also significant. Some organisations simply settle all claims as they do not have the resource or systems to process or defend them effectively. The BMAT system efficiently records, processes, manages and reports third party claims.

Claim Processing

– Claimant and representative details
– Particulars of the claim
– Correspondence and images
– Estimates of damages sought

Assessment, Mitigation and Ownership

– Evaluation of risks
– Self assessment of likely damages
– Self assessment of likely costs
– Assessment of insurable losses
– Allocation of investigators
– Allocation of legal representatives
– Deadlines and automated reminders can be set

Management information

– Standard online and printed reports
– Analysis of cases by risk and potential liability
– Analysis of “multiple claim” makers
– Action lists
– Inbuilt system report writer
– Security allows access to representatives
– Users can be informed of key events by alerts

BMAT TPC system protects organisations against the damage that can result from successful, unsuccessful and bogus claims. Our clients report significant reductions in:
> Injury and commercial damage
> Fraudulent personal liability claims
> Legal and professional costs
> Insurance premiums
> Investigation and professional fees
> Control failures
> Employee disputes
> Administrative costs
> Systems and process duplication