Gifts and Hospitality Register

BMAT systems help in efficiently enforcing corporate policies relating to the giving and receiving of gifts, hospitality and sponsorship:

Reduces the risk of bribery and wrongdoing

– Policies and procedures continually communicated and reinforced
– Monitors gifts, hospitality and sponsorship against policies
– Reduces the risk of staff and the organisation breaking bribery laws
– Removes the effort required to register events
– Provides full audibility of past current and future events
– Tracks supplier adherence to contractual clauses

Easily used by staff and partners

– Policies, procedures and standards communicated via the internet
– Stakeholders encouraged to report events anywhere and any time
– Gives less reason for staff not making declarations immediately
– Easy to use input screens
– Automated approval and escalation processes
– Partners, representatives and agents can be given access
– Single sign-on can be activated

Efficient and effective processes

– The quality of information collection enhanced.
– Easy to input data
– Comprehensive reporting
– Workflow and escalation processes
– Information security
– Clear accountability and audit trail


Easy to use system that is available to users anywhere, any time:
> Available 24/7/365 and users require no training
> Accessible via the internet
> Tailored web-entry forms to collect the required data
> Customised approval processes
> Independently provided or branded to meet client needs
> Records the giving and receiving of gifts and hospitality
> Comprehensive data security
> Supporting electronic documentation can be uploaded
> Extensive management reporting capabilities
> Systems can be hosted and maintained by BMAT