Clinical Governance

BMAT clinical governance solutions automate the manual or semi manual processes associated with initiating, tracking, risk assessing, reporting and auditing clinical governance incidents.

Risk of unexpected damages reduced

– Policies and procedures continually communicated and reinforced.
– Confidence in the speed and effectiveness of the process enhanced.
– Full audibility of incidents and risks reported.
– Less time needed to administer and govern the process.

Stakeholder collaboration enhanced

– Policies, procedures and standards communicated via the internet.
– Stakeholders encouraged to report concerns anywhere and anytime.
– Reporting via confidential call lines, email, internet, post and fax.
– Can be delivered as an independent service.

Efficient and effective processes

– The quality of information collection enhanced.
– Integrated case tracking.
– Integrated reporting.
– Workflow and escalation processes
– Information security.


Information is collected through confidential help-lines and internet applications which are then processed through integrated online case management and reporting system.

> Available 24/7/365 and users require no training.
> Call operators trained to give client specific questioning.
> Tailored web-entry forms to collect the required data.
> Independently provided or branded to meet client needs.
> Multiple ways to encourage the reporting of issues.
> Comprehensive data security.
> Integrated case management processes.
> Extensive management reporting capabilities.
> Systems can be hosted and maintained by BMAT.