Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing)

BMAT confidential reporting solutions protect patients, staff, assets, funding, brands, and reputation from the damages that can be caused by crime, corruption, bad practices and inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Risk of unexpected damages reduced

– Community confidence protected from breaches in expected standards
– Deterrent against all forms procedural abuses and inappropriate behaviours
– Loss of research and intellectual property
– Fraud, theft and other crimes
– Costs relating to patient, staff and supplier disputes

Stakeholder collaboration enhanced

– Policies, procedures and standards communicated via the internet
– Stakeholders encouraged to reporting concerns anywhere and any time
– Reporting via confidential call lines, email, internet, post and fax
– Can be delivered as an independent service

Efficient and effective processes

– The quality of information collection enhanced
– Integrated case tracking
– Integrated reporting
– Workflow and escalation processes
– Information security


Information is collected through confidential help-lines, internet applications, which are then processed through integrated online case management and reporting system.

> Available 24/7/365 and users require no training
> Call operators trained to give client specific questioning
> Independently provided or branded to meet client needs
> Multiple ways to encourage the reporting of issues
> Comprehensive data security
> Integrated case management processes
> Extensive management reporting capabilities
> Systems hosted and maintained by BMAT