Governance Overview

BMAT helps protect healthcare organisations against the value and reputation that can be lost as a result of breaches in controls and professional standards, unethical practices, wrongdoing and bad decisions.

Joint-Hands-608x223-copyBMAT’s web-portal governance solutions are integrated with 24/7/365 confidential stakeholder contact centers that collect data from stakeholders, track and report events on a real-time basis and give audit committees, internal auditors and security management an effective platform to fulfill their duties with minimal bureaucracy and administration. The systems and processes also support many compliance requirements (such as ISG, health and safety reporting and the UK Bribery Act).

Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing and Crime Reporting)
BMAT’s processes and systems have saved our clients substantial damages and costs that could have resulted from reported criminal activities, employee abuses, procedural breeches and regulatory lapses. The systems allow stakeholders to actively participate in the stewardship of their organisations and raise concerns that they believe to be important. They are an early warning system for many types of potential problems, which if not swiftly identified and addressed could seriously impact stakeholder value, reputation, lives and funding. It also provides stakeholders with some comfort that their concerns will be heard and professionally addressed.

Many of the recent scandals that have plagued UK healthcare might all have been avoided if someone had spoken out sooner and others had listened and acted. In these cases traditional forms of governance (i.e. risk management, external audit, internal audit, budgeting and regulatory compliance) were insufficient or too late in delivering the vital messages to governors.

BMAT’s whistleblowing (Speak Out and Rightline) services provide 24/7/365 safeguards, allowing concerns to be reported by any method, such as over the Internet or by telephone, fax, email, text or letter.  We seamlessly integrate with internal security and audit departments, providing them with an effective whistleblowing processes, case management systems and automated executive reporting. For more information click here..
Clinical Governance
BMAT’s systems automate the clinical governance process of reporting incidents, assessing risks, case managing the issue, reporting and maintaining auditable records. The systems allow appropriate stakeholders to directly input and access information subject to their security status.

Many of the recent governance problems that have plagued the NHS and other healthcare providers might all have been avoided if someone had spoken out sooner and others had listened and acted. In these cases traditional forms of governance (i.e. risk management, external audit, internal audit, budgeting and regulatory compliance) were insufficient or too late in delivering the vital messages to governors. For more information click here..
Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship Registers
Gifts and hospitality systems with good processes are essential to eliminating real and perceived acts of bribery. They also address the needs of the UK Bribery Act, ensuring that the employees and suppliers see their contractual terms monitored. Our experience has shown that without controls many suppliers break contractual clauses by providing staff with gifts and hospitality and some appear to have infiltrate organisations from top to bottom.

BMAT’s gifts and hospitality systems and processes monitor the actions of over 30,000 staff and several thousand suppliers in a simple and efficient manner. The large majority of users require no training and bureaucracy is minimised through automated processes, work flows and reporting.  For more information click here
Conflicts of Interest Registers
It is already a legal requirement for directors to disclose personal holdings of shares. However, in many sectors a much greater disclosure of potential conflicts of interests by directors and staff has become a necessity not only to protect internal stakeholders but also the safety of patients and the community.

Substantial risks exist where potential conflicts are not reported, for example relationships that exist between: doctors and pharmaceutical companies; commissioners and suppliers; executives and business consultants. Similarly, risks may exist where staff, performing dangerous activities, might have late night secondary employment impacting their safety at work, or office relationships might be considered to be leading to unfair promotions.

BMAT’s conflicts of interest systems and processes monitor the potential conflicts of all staff  in a simple and efficient manner. No training is required for the majority of staff and bureaucracy is minimised through automated processes, authorisation work flows and automated reporting.  For more information click here..
Health and Safety
BMAT’s health and safety software covers the both the management of H&S risks and the reporting of incidents, it can be customised to meet specific needs. The scale of benefits attainable by automating the H&S data collection, risk assessment, case management and reporting is surprising. Most organisations are unaware with the level of resources involved until they undertake a process review and then automate.  For more information click here..
Third Party Claims Management
BMAT’s TPC software records, tracks, case management and reports on financial and legal claims against the organisation. It tracks all claims as they arise and holds all key information relating to the claim, including potential settlement costs and risk assessments. The system plays a key role in managing risks and ensuring all claims are intelligently evaluated, challenged and settled.   For more information click here..
Risk Management
BMAT’s risk management software facilitates the processes of risk identification, risk rating, risk mitigation and executive reporting, its significant functionality is easy to use and can be rapidly deployed across an organisation. The system plays a key role in communicating and managing risks across the entire organisations and embedding a risk management culture.   For more information click here..
Audit and Professional Recommendation Tracking
Large organisations seek expensive advice from many specialists such as auditors, consultants, bankers and engineers. In many instances important recommendations are made, approved by the Board and management actions agreed. It is important that all such actions are recorded and tracked through to a completion.  To assist in these processes, BMAT has developed a system that records, communicates, tracks and reports on the progress of all recommendations.