BMAT Solutions

BMAT provide software and service solutions that are designed to optimise: processes and activities; functions and service levels; resourcing; supplier performance and cost rates. Our specialist management and technology services assist healthcare organisations to improve the productivity of their clinical, commissioning, purchasing and support resources.

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  • Our Medical System. The system gives a seamless approach to managing patient appointments, maintaining clinical records, ordering treatments and driving the commissioning and procurement processes. Fully web enabled, the system connects patients, clinicians, administrators, commissioners and suppliers of over 20 NHS Trusts across the UK, reporting of all aspects of outcomes and performance.  To find out more click here..
  • Governance Solutions.  BMAT solutions provide 24/7/365 safeguards from risks, breaches in policies, wrongdoings and claims against the organisation. Our solutions embed good governance into daily operations and alert governors to the key issues.   BMAT provides confidential reporting solutions (whistleblowing) as well as systems covering risk management, gifts and hospitality, conflicts of interests, health and safety, crime reporting and others.  To find out more click here..

  • Healthcare Optimisation. BMAT has developed methodologies and a system to aid the optimisation of clinical services, costs, funding and strategy. To find out more click here.. In addition, BMAT has an excellent record of project managing and optimising complex projects. To find out more click here..

  • Commissioning and Purchasing. BMAT provides systems,administrative services and logistics solutions that ensure that the costs at every stage of the supply chain are optimised.  From sales order,  processing through to supplier management, we work with clients to ensure processes are as lean as possible. To find out more click here.. 
  • Education and Training. Course to train managers and staff to optimise their organisations and use Our Medical Systems effectively. To find out more click here..