Shared Services

Our Shared Services can deliver economies of scale in processing patient appointments, scheduling staff, managing systems and all aspects of supplier management.  As well as using and providing clients with our own systems, we can also integrate with the systems of clients, giving a streamlined and seamless service.  


 Confidential all Centre Our call centre is able to communicate with client patients, clinical staff and suppliers 24/7/365. Equipped with the latest telephony and IT solutions, it can accurately relay messages, provide online communications and enter data into PAS, purchasing and financial systems.  For more information click here.

 Patient Appointment Management –  Our appointment processing service can provide solutions for the entire appointment process or specific activities such as referrals, appointments, cancellations, alerting and issuing of appointment letters. Information can be recorded in Our Medical Systems with access being given to the clients, or input into the clients own PAS systems.  For more information click here.

 Clinical Resource Management –  Our staff scheduling (medical and non-medical) processes and systems provide the capability to schedule staff to appointments, clinical activities and non clinical activities facilitating the daily operations of clinics and achieving higher resource utilisation and productivity. Online information is available from Our Medical Systems and this can be integrated with the clients own systems if required.  For more information click here.

 Commissioning and Invoice Processing Our purchasing processing service can provide solutions for the entire commissioning process or specific activities such as raising orders, liaising with suppliers, processing invoices, supplier payments and financial control. Information can be recorded in Our ERP System with access being given to the clients, or input into the clients own systems.  For more information click here.

 Purchasing – In addition to processing purchasing transactions, services can also be provided to validate new suppliers, tender contracts and monitor supplier performance.  For more information click here.

>  Financial Management – When using our systems and services we have the capability to provide financial management and reporting capabilities: valuable performance information on appointments, treatments, purchasing, suppliers, budgets and targets.  For more information click here.

Economies of Scale – Greater volumes of transactions allow us to have greater specialisation and investment in systems.

Reduction in missed appointments  – 24/7 call lines, issuing of standard appointment reminders combined with automated SMS text messaging makes it less likely that patients will forget appointments or not give an advance warning if they can no longer attend.

Reduction in waiting lists  – The system can assist in optimising patients throughout to driving down waiting lists.

Better understanding the cost of conditions and treatments  – The actual costs of all conditions and treatments is collected in the system by patient, providing the core data required to assess the cost effectiveness of different treatment methods.

Enhanced financial control  – A real-time information on treatment costs with strong financial controls, regarding the approval of treatment orders and supplier invoices.

Rapid Access To Clinical Information – Information on conditions, treatments, prescriptions, trends and costs can be immediately accessed from the electronic patient record.

Portable Electronic Patient Care Record  Information can be accessed anywhere, any time by clinicians and patients and the data is easily transported between other health systems.

Identification – The information available within the electronic patient record means that it is simple to validate a patients identity together with all other clinical, none clinical and relatives involved in their care.

Elimination of duplication – The need to retype or manually re-enter the relevant data onto forms or other systems is removed.

Accuracy – A well-maintained single repository of information ensures that all documents and reports produced from the systems are accurate and auditable .
Security – Access to all areas of the system  is controlled through high levels of security, which not only limits access to the system but also what the user is allowed to see and do.