Assignments and Case Studies


BMAT has delivered and resourced many challenging assignments and provides ongoing managed services relating to systems and commissioning services. We have many years experience in working with the NHS across the whole of the UK, helping to support clinical contracts costing over £25 million per year. BMAT also works with UK military hospitals and numerous private clinics in the UK, America, Europe and Africa. Some examples of our recent assignments are summarised below.


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    • Our Medical System. In the last four years we have implemented Our Medical System at over 50 NHS Trust clinics. By doing so we have helped the staff of those clinics to achieve substantial clinical, administrative and purchasing benefits.  To find out more click here..
    • Our Medical System.  Using Our Medical System we have created the first “National Orthotic System” linking many orthotic clinics together within a single system. In addition to the benefits that Our Medical System normally brings, the national system creates huge economies of scale, increases the specialisation to specialist needs and streamlines purchasing and logistic processes.
    • Our Medical System.  In July 2013 we successfully achieved the implementation of the prosthetic module of Our Medical System at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital. The implementation was so successful that it is now to be implemented in three other prosthetic centres over the next three months.
    • Our Medical System.  We are currently undertaking projects to integrate Our Medical System with other systems used in NHS Trusts.
    • Medical Service Reviews.  We have assisted a number of NHS to review the effectiveness of specialist departments in terms of quality of service, efficiency and service provisioning options. In most instances these reviews have resulted in optimising the service both from patient and cost perspective.