Resource Management

Effectively scheduling the duties of medical and administrative staff is key to increasing staff utilisation, focusing resources on patient care and reducing the overall cost of treatments. Our Medical System facilitates this processes and provides valuable information to assess whether resources are deployed optimally.


 Staff Records  Details of staff and their roles are recorded in the system.

 Staff Assignments –  Staff can be assigned to specific clinics for specific dates and times.

 Staff Activities Staff can be assigned to clinical appointments, administrative activities and absences.

 Appointment Slots – The length of appointment slots can be modified, based on the roles of clinical staff.

 Performance Reports – The assignments reports can show the utilisation of staff and how their time has been expended.

Efficient and easy to perform  process – The staff assignment and activity recording process is easily managed and largely embedded in making clinical appointments.

Real time information – Clinicians and administrators have full visibility of their assignments and duties.

Elimination of duplication – No need to transfer data to into different resource planning systems.

Greater accuracy – Mandatory and validated data entry fields ensure that data is collected accurately.

Better reporting – Greater accuracy combined with a powerful report writer, leads to better reporting.

Security – Access to all information is controlled through high levels of security, which not only limits access to the system but also what the user is allowed to see.