The accurate recording of data combined with a powerful report writer provides a high standard on online and printed reporting.  In addition, reported data can be exported to spreadsheets and data warehousing solutions.


 Comprehensive data recorded  The system holds all data relating to: patients and their treatment; appointments and their outcomes; treatments and their costs; suppliers and their performance; resources and their utilisation. This data is accessible to be reported upon.

 Standard Reports –  Throughout the functionality of the system, there are many reports to list and filter key information online and print or export that data to spreadsheets.

 Report Writer Additional reports can also be created using the system powerful report writer and attached to the main menus of the system.

>  Report Security – Users can only view data and reports that they have been given permissions to access. 

Many standard reports – Covering all key operational and performance reporting needs.

Custom reports – Report writer can create additional online and printed reports.

Exporting – All reports can be exported to spreadsheets and data warehousing solutions.

Security – Access to all information is controlled through high levels of security, which not only limits access to the reports but also the data users are allowed to see.