Purchasing information about suppliers, their products, costs and supply details are held within the system. When treatments are prescribed orders can be immediately forwarded to suppliers together with relevant purchasing and delivery information.


 Supplier Information  Names, addresses, registration numbers, discount structures, telephone contacts are stored to identify and communicate with the supplier.

 Treatment and product catalogues –  Detailed information relating to all treatments and products stored in catalogues.

 Specialist specification details Where treatments/products require detailed specification, specification templates can be defined ensuring that all the necessary detailed are entered before the order is raised.

 Prices and Discounts Past, current and future prices and discount terms can be maintained.

 Supplier Orders – Orders to third parties can be produced and sent electronically. Suppliers can be given access to order queues and the ability to update status.

 Patient Delivery  – Where treatments are to be delivered to patients, these can be tracked and returned to suppliers if required.

Efficient and easy to perform  process – The purchasing process is initiated when patient treatment is ordered and largely automated thereafter.

Real time information – Clinicians, administrators and suppliers can be made aware of the treatment order information instantaneously.

Elimination of duplication – No need to transfer data to into different forms and letters as everything is produced from a single set of data records.

Financial control  – On-line information on financial commitments, authorisations and approvals.

Greater accuracy – Mandatory and validated data entry fields ensure that data is collected accurately.

Better reporting – Greater accuracy combined with a powerful report writer, leads to better reporting.

Security – Access to appointment and all related information is controlled through high levels of security, which not only limits access to the system but also what the user is allowed to see.