Financial Management

Financial management encompasses many activities: costing and billing treatments; monitoring the costs of conditions, treatments, episodes of care and appointments;  approving treatments and supplier orders; and making decisions about the allocation of resources.


 Patients  The costs of treatments are recorded and analysed by episodes of care and appointments.

 Conditions –  The cost of conditions can be calculated in total and by patient and clinician.

 Treatments The cost of treatments can be calculated in total and by patient and clinician.

 Orders The cost of orders can be analysed by clinicians, patients and suppliers.

 Authorisations – There are financial processes to approve all financial commitments.

Efficient and easy to perform  process – Financial control is embedded in the appointment and commissioning activities.

Real time information – Clinicians and administrators have full visibility of the costs they are committing to.

Elimination of duplication – No need to transfer data to into different resource planning systems.

Greater accuracy – Treatment catalogues and cost rates ensure all financial transactions are accurately recorded.

Better reporting – Greater accuracy combined with a powerful report writer, leads to better reporting.

Security – Access to all information is controlled through high levels of security, which not only limits access to the system but also what the user is allowed to see.