The tasks that need to be performed when a patient attends an appointment include  registration, recording of measurements, viewing the patients notes, adding new clinical notes, prescribing treatments, updating appointment outcomes, issuing appropriate correspondence, booking the next appointment and making referrals.  Our Medical System makes the whole management process more efficient.


 Appointment Schedule  Clinicians and administrators can view the appointment schedule online and with just a few click can find all the information relevant to the appointment.

 Registration –  When a patient arrives at the clinic their details can be easily verified, and a single click records the time of arrival and alerts appropriate clinicians that the patient has arrived. Similarly, the consultation’s start and end times can be automatically recorded with a single click.

 Measurements When it is necessary to record measurements of the patient, these can be immediately entered into the system for future analysis and comparison.

 Patient Information– The clinician can view all information relating to the patient.

 Clinical Notes – Clinical notes can be entered into the system in a predefined standard format. Clinical notes entered can be “locked” once a predefined period of time has passed.

 Prescribing Treatments – Treatments can be selected from a catalogue. If treatments require detailed specification, templates will help these to be entered. At the time of prescribing, the system calculates the exact cost.

 Referrals  New referrals can be made.  To find out more click here.

 Appointments  – New appointments can be made.  To find out more click here.

 Electronic Patient Record  – Amendments to the patient record can be made.

 Appointment Outcomes  – Outcomes of all appointments can be recorded for subsequent analysis.

Efficient and easy to perform  process – The entire appointment and consultation process has been designed to minimise the time taken to perform the tasks and present information efficiently.

Real time information – Clinicians can not only view all historical patient information but also the information that is collected during the consultation process.

Elimination of duplication – No need to transfer data to into different forms and letters as everything is produced from a single set of data records.

Greater accuracy – Mandatory and validated data entry fields ensure that data is collected accurately.

Better reporting – Greater accuracy combined with a powerful report writer, leads to better reporting.

Security – Access to appointment and all related information is controlled through high levels of security, which not only limits access to the system but also what the user is allowed to see.