Risk Management

BMAT’s web based Risk Management system supports risk identification, risk rating, risk mitigation and executive reporting

Identification, Structure and Security

– Risk collection forms that are easily customised
– Data can be entered manually or imported
– Supports multi-organisation structures can be consolidated
– Mitigation plans can be recorded in the system
– Role based systems security supports the online delegation

Assessment, Mitigation and Ownership

– Risks can be evaluated and scored by impact and likelihood
– Risks can be scored both as gross and residual risks
– Mitigating controls and actions can be defined
– Scoring assumptions can be documented
– Full audit ability
– Owners can be designated to manage each
– Deadlines and automated reminders can be set

Management information

– Standard online and printed reports
– Inbuilt system report writer
– Security allows management easy access to view information
– Users can be informed of key events by alerts

Easy to use system that is available to users anywhere, any time:
> Comprehensive role based security
> Top-down and Bottom-up methods of risk assessment
> Ability to create and communicate contingency plans
> Forms and workflow processes can be customised
> Risk scoring methods can be user defined
> Supporting documentation can be uploaded and stored
> Extensive user reporting capabilities
> Hosted from BMAT or placed on your own preferred platform