Service And Cost Optimisation

Continued optimisation might be challenging for organisations that have already gone through painful changes but constant innovation in clinical techniques, business practices, systems and resourcing methods will always provide opportunities for further improvements to services and costs. In healthcare organisations the key to optimisation and funding prioritisation is to develop the correct relationships between strategy, services,  processes, service level options and patient outcomes. Traditional methods of funding and commissioning simply apportion funds based on past trends and sweeping assumptions with little understanding of the underlying real cost drivers of providing clinical services and their administrative support needs.

BMAT has developed many techniques and systems that help healthcare organisations reach higher levels of patient care and performance:

OPTIMISER service and cost optimisation in a box.  It is a methodology and system that will provide you with the critical information to challenge and reallocate budgets to where they are needed most.  For more information click here

Clinical Management and Commissioning Systems. These systems can connect the clinical, administrative and commissioning processes down to transaction levels providing significant savings in administration and greater effectiveness in managing patient care click here

Governance Solutions to enhance governance processes and reduce related cost and bureaucracy click here

Service Reviews to help decision makers understand alternative options to providing healthcare and reach informed decisions relating to service strategy, resourcing, contracting and systems click here

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